Just a thought about the gas prices, modern life and the free market system…

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October 6, 2012 by marcneermann

What I find interesting is how much the modern world has ascribe to the “I don’t want to hurt mentality”. The best way to lose weight work out but that’s painful. So’s a heart attack. One of the best and less expensive drugs for the control of cholesterol is niacin but it has this quirky side effect the niacin flush. It’s actually pretty cool to experience. But people don’t wan the hurt so they pay out the butt for other drugs. The same here for us to cut back on fossil fuels it needs to get painful enough that we decide we will pay for the other alternatives. But we don’t want that we want the government to step in and take the pain away.

What we are seeing is the free market system at it’s finest. The supply and demand. The hurt versus the relief.

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